Spores Worldwide

SporesWorldwide (previously Sil's Spore Supply) is a place where you can come to learn:
  • How to grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms
  • How to identify different mushroom types
  • All about mycology/fungi/mushrooms/spores/etc.
  • How to sell spores, and other mushroom related products
  • About interesting mushroom news/studies
  • And much more!
We also aim to be the best place to buy spores (and more)! We are a family run business out of Ottawa Canada, and our goal is to spread mushroom knowledge and spores around the world! We believe that fungi have an amazing potential to help aid not only our entire species, but also the entire planet.

Ontop of the upcoming information flood to our website over the next few weeks, we offer: 
  • Premium spores
  • Top of the line liquid culture
  • Spore swabs
  • At the best prices, made in a HEPA filter cleanroom enviornmet (99.99% @ 0.3 microns)
  • And coming soon......We will have gourmet and medicinal all in 1 grow bags, as well as pre-steralized substrate bags
So please, stay tuned for some great content and new products!

Mush Love,